Solar Films

Solar windows films not only improves the aesthetic of your home, but also provides several other health, monetary, and personal benefits. Solar window film is a thin protective layer affixed on the windows. You can use these transparent, self adhesive films to control the heat to entering your home from sun rays through windows. Solar film offers a cost-effective and flexible solution to reduce the harmful effects of radiation from the sun.

Reasons why u should use solar films:
  • Protection from sun’s harmful radiation
  • Energy savings
  • Reduce glare at home
  • Help prevent break-ins
  • Add an extra level of strength
  • Maximize your curb appeal
  • Increased privacy

Solar films are an affordable and convenient option that enchanted the aesthetics of your home or building while saving your money. Beyond that, it allows for a healthy and safe atmosphere that you and you loved ones can all enjoy.

Due to its clarity, stability, and compatibility with different surfaces, polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is the most widely used material for making solar films.

So are Solar films worth it?

We absolutely believe they are!

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